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What’s PresentAR?

A new, memorable way of interacting with your customers.
Platform, powered by Augmented Reality.


The app is designed for marketing campaigns to place all types of marketing information: products, services, benefits and discount offers.


A budget alternative to a website (relevant for startups) and an addition to it — as a new tool for increasing the company's awareness and sales boost.


Demonstration and promotion of the company's products / services to the current and potential customers at conferences, business meetings with no print bulk.

Why PresentAR?

Universal use

PresentAR app is for both, Android and iOS users. It helps creating unique presentations for products and services in AR.

Easy to use

This mobile designer of presentations will make the long creation process as simple, short, and convenient as possible.

High conversion

As an up-to-date marketing tool, it attracts special attention to the product and leads to the conversion increase.

Conferences assistant

Create an experience that will single your product out from the mass of similar proposals at the conferences and business meetings.

No paper materials

Having only the business card, a banner, or a booklet and the PresentAR application, you can show your interactive content at any time, anywhere.

Flexible pricing policy

From start-ups wishing to attract investors to a reputed companies wishing to strengthen their marketing policies.

What can you do with the app?

View presentations

Scan a marker, a special label (QR code) on your business card, presentation, booklet, or banner or view existing presentations by selecting them from the list. The presentations can include cards with text, images, video, and 3D models.
In the feature release, users can also scan the logo of companies and find a necessary presentation.

Create presentations

The availability to create presentations with help of the in-app designer. The user can create any number of presentations, including text, photos and video content, as well as 3D models that can be rotated and zoomed for easy viewing.

Design landing pages

The app will be available for all types of mobile users. In addition to creating presentations, the user is also invited to create a Landing page, where he can place brief information about the company (text, photos, videos and links to socials).

We are watching the augmented reality successful takeover. It's played out at Facebook, Google, and Apple. What if you could apply that same technology to make better and more realistic presentations?

*We provide a special offer to CHI Software customers (as a bonus)

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