Terms and Conditions

PresentAR application

General Use

Once you download the PresentAR App onto your device and choose to agree to these Terms and Conditions, you may use the App Services. Same, if you wish to use the PresentAR App you must also have read and agreed to the general Privacy Policy of the developer company, CHI Software. A copy is at https://chisw.com/privacy-policy

Application Service

PresentAR App is for both Android and iOS Users. It allows creating unique presentations for products and services in the inbuilt constructor, complementing the reality with virtual 3D elements. The User can create a memorable presentation in minutes using the latest technology, Augmented Reality (AR).

To view the presentation(s), a User needs to download the application and scan a special marker (logo or QR-code) on any promotion material: business card, presentation, booklet, or banner. The presentation can include cards with text, images, video, and 3D models.

User authorization

Registration is not required to access the viewing of presentations. Still, if a User wants to create a presentation of his own with the PresentAR App, he will pass a brief authorization. No social accounts needed (like Google or Facebook).

The basic personal data we collect:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company name
  • Basic company info (description, contacts, website).

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your security credentials, activation codes, and/or passwords (if any) and are liable for any harm resulting from disclosing or allowing disclosure of these credentials.

Payment data

If you sign up for a free 15 days trial of any paid subscriptions or make any other purchases via PresentAR App services, your credit or debit card information (the number and expiry date) and other financial data we need to process your payment may be collected and stored.

More collected data

In addition to the user personal data, we may store information extracted from the media and/or public databases providing user's business information. We store the minimum amount of information that is practical regarding a customer relationship, typically including only a company name, public company details and contact information such as email and website addresses and/or phone numbers.

We will store this information, but will not share it with any third parties except as necessary to provide the features of the PresentAR App. For example, we may store your personal information on a third party server.

Permissions and Restrictions

You may not use the PresentAR App on any device that you do not own/control. Same you may not share the access to PresentAR App, making it available over the Net, where it could be used by multiple devices simultaneously.

We keep the right to limit the App usage anytime, in case the App User post, upload to, distribute, store, create or otherwise publish through the PresentAR App any of this:

  • Content that may violate any patent or a trademark rights.
  • Content that is false, misleading, unlawful, pornographic, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, or fraudulent.
  • Financial info: credit card numbers; Viruses, spyware, malware, corrupted data or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files;
  • Private information of any 3rd party, including addresses, phone numbers, Email, social presence.


The PresentAR App may be subject to unavailability for a variety of factors beyond our control including but not limited to emergencies, third party service failures, transmission, equipment or network problems or limitations, interference or signal strength, and may be interrupted, refused, limited or curtailed. We are not responsible for data lost, not delivered, delayed or misdirected because of interruptions or performance issues with the Service or communications services or networks. We may impose usage or service limits, suspend service, or block certain kinds of usage in our sole discretion to protect users or the Service. The accuracy and timeliness of data received is not guaranteed; delays or omissions may occur.


Content published in this app (digital downloads, images, texts, graphics, logos) is the property of CHI Software and/or its content creators and protected by international copyright laws.

Questions, comments/claims about the product

We, and not Apple or Google, are responsible for addressing any questions, comments or concerns as per PresentAR App, including:

  • product liability claims;
  • personal data claims;
  • any claim that the PresentAR App fails to confirm.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact our team at chi.software.ios@gmail.com.